Tradition of Excellence Pushes Industry Growth

Though the two will undoubtedly remain closely tied here in Bristol, the composites industry has made great strides in establishing itself as independent from the marine industry.  Beginning in the 1960s, when the use of composite materials first became dominated by marine construction, boat builders in search of lighter and faster solutions were pioneering the advancement of high performance materials and manufacturing.  Since then,  expansion into the transportation, aerospace, construction, and wind energy markets – amongst others – has begun to pull composites growth.  Check out some of our contributions to this industry diversification here.


The past twelve months have been action-packed and exciting for our team.  This week marks one year since we began production in our new 38,000-square-foot building.  Although, geographically speaking, the move was quite small (our Ballou Boulevard shop is less than three miles from our old location on Franklin Street) the implications for our company have been momentous.  Not only has the size of our shop grown nearly threefold, but our workforce has increased by over 50 percent also.


In order to keep up with our demand for knowledgeable employees, we have spent significant effort working with our accomplished veteran team members to develop training programs to acquaint apprentices with the materials and processes used in advanced composites manufacturing.  We are dedicated to advancing the careers of our employees because we value the creative, important ideas that come out of an educated and empowered workforce.  In November, we will be partnering with the Composites Alliance of Rhode Island to host an intensive – and free! – month-long training program for apprenticeship candidates to learn advanced manufacturing skills and techniques.  Attending this program is the first step toward developing a career as a composite technician.

We are excited about growing advanced manufacturing capacity and creating jobs in Rhode Island!

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